What in the world?

My husband came home from work today and immediately walked through the house to find me.  I was lying on the bed resting from a LONG day at work.

S: "I've got something I want you to see.  It's something you've never seen before..probably no one in this county has ever seen before....sit up".

(Scared to even ask what he was talking about, I sit up)

S: "Hold out your hand.....(after I look at him like "I don't trust you")..it won't hurt you".

(I was glad he didn't ask me to close my eyes too, because just holding out my hand,not knowing what he was going to put in it, concerned me a little)

He puts this in my hand:

Do YOU have any idea what this is? 

My first thought was that it was a piece of pine straw and he was just joking around with me.  Then he made some comment about it coming off of an animal!  Then I started to throw it down....was it a weird snake skin?!  Nope.

It's a hair off of an elephant  !!!!!!

My husband works for the railroad....CSX.  He told me a long time ago that the Ringling Bros.and Barnum & Bailey Circus traveled only by train, unlike many of the others.  Don't ask me why, but for some reason, the first picture in my head was of the giraffe standing in the cart with his head sticking out of the top. 

And yes, I was stupid enough to comment on that!

"Well, do the giraffes have to lay down the whole time or do they stick their heads out of the cars?", I asked.  Here's your sign!  I guess I've seen too many cartoons or something! 


The RBBB circus trains are more than a mile in length, and include living quarters for the performers and animal keepers. There are also special stock cars for the exotic animals and flatcars for the transportation of circus wagons, equipment, and even a bus used for local transportation at performance sites.

I'm NOT a big circus fan because the clowns ALWAYS want to chase me around!  It's like they seek out people who they know are scared of them.  For this reason alone, I have always avoided circuses.  Well, I did get brave enough one time as a rebellious teen when a small circus came to our little 2 red light town.  Not only did I go to this little circus, but I actually took a ride on an elephant!  Which brings me back to my story....sorry...I got carried away.

By the way, I don't remember the elephant having any hair.  All I remember is a bunch of dust on him.  That was a long time ago, though!

Anyway, when Scott was at work today, he heard that the circus train was going to be coming through so he hung out after work a while.  He's seen the train come through before, but was lucky enough today to talk to one of the elephant trainers.  The train stopped right there by their office to quickly switch train crews and he carried on a conversation with the guy for a while. 

The first thing the guy wanted to know was where they were.  He told Scott that they were headed to Alabama.  And do you know what my sweet husband did?  He actually told the man what I had said about the giraffes!  Of course, they got a good laugh out of that.

This particular train was carrying the lions, tigers, and bears, OH MY, and the elephants.  Before they headed out, he gave Scott the elephant hair.  He said that they don't give those out to just anybody.  It's a special privilege to receive an elephant hair and it's virtually indestructible.

So......Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages.....I am the proud owner of an elephant hair!!!

real picture of one of the rail cars

I just threw this pic in for good measure - ha!

Who knows...maybe one day I'll actually go to this circus!


mountain mama said...

wow...i never, ever, never in a million years would have guessed that!

i love learning new things! :)

Grandma Barb in Ohio said...

I wouldn't have guessed it either, and I just finished reading "Water for Elephants", so they were actually still lingering in my brain. :-)
Loved the post, the pictures, and I don't like clowns and they don't like me either!!

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Lynn,
I was certain that it was a necklace, those kind the teenagers like to wear, it looks like leather. I have seen elephants, but I didn't even really know that had actual hair. I love elephants, those big floppy ears, and big eyes. I would like to get the chance to pet a baby elephant. Well, the next time I'm at the zoo I will be looking for that hair on them :o)

God bless you and your family,
and thank you again for praying,