Southern Storm

They say it's coming...the 'Southern Storm'....with snow, sleet, and ice for the entire State of Georgia!  It's been a while since we had one like this, so we shouldn't be surprised.  Yet...we always are. 

You couldn't pay me to go to Walmart today!  Don't you know people are snatching things off the shelves!  And there probably won't be much gas left in town either.  Don't get me wrong.  I believe we should prepare, but I don't understand why some people 'freak out' about weather. 

For real, you can just say the word, "hurricane" or "sleet" and people in Georgia go into panic mode.  Yeah, I know, we don't see much weather like that, so we're really not equipped for it.

Well, luckily I bought groceries yesterday (it was my regular scheduled day).  I also put gas in my car.  Today I've been washing clothes ALL DAY!  Of course, I'm behind in my washing....I stay that way!

I've decided my man has more clothes than I do!  He has "work" clothes he wears in addition to daily outfits.  It's like I NEVER see the bottom of the hamper!

But I thought it would be good to get everything clean....just in case the power does go out for an extended period.  I like to be prepared :)

Scott too.  He's always reading those 'survival' books and swears he can feed us no matter what happens.  And he probably can.  But he's disappointed in himself today because he hasn't replenished the wood pile enough in case we have no electricity for a few days and have to depend on our fireplace.  But I think we'll be ok.  And maybe the power won't go out anyway.

So....I've been washing, drying, and putting clothes away all day - and still not through.  It's a good thing I don't have plans to go anywhere tonight.  I've decided that Scott needs to make me a clothes line for days when we have good weather, which is most of the time.

Why?  Not because I just want the inconvenience of going outside to hang clothes and worrying about pollen or bugs getting on them.  It's because my son is about the size of a giraffe and, well, have you ever clothed a giraffe?  I don't even think about drying his jeans in the dryer - NO WAY!  They shrink too soon as it is!  My washroom is pretty small, so I don't really have room in there for a drying rack, but I've got to get one!  Having clothes hanging all over the breakfast room and dining room chairs is pitiful!  What if we have company?  I would be horrified - Ha ha!!!

In the middle of one of my treks to the wash room, I heard Scott holler.  Apparently, Lucy had chewed on her raw hide bone way too long......she threw up!  On the couch.....on the floor...eeewwwww!

Scott tried to be brave and help me clean it up.  I guess he was feeling all manly from chopping wood - ha! But he has the weakest stomach!  It never fails, in no time he was gagging and running through the house to the bathroom - lol!

I know I shouldn't laugh, but I can't help it. And he'll probably kill me for sharing all this.  But that's what blogs are for, right?  Just share our thoughts.......
Lucy...not feeling too well :(

That dog of ours is soooo smart!  Let me tell you what she does.  This is not the first time one of those bones has made her sick. 

(I guess I should just stop buying them, but she loves them so much and she only gets sick if she swallow that stuff instead of chewing on it!)

(Does that make me a bad mama?)

Anyway....being the mother that I am, I ALWAYS hear her in the middle of the night, whether she gets sick or wants to go out to potty.  I hear that little whimper and she knows her mama will hear her too.  She will come to my side of the bed to get me.   (Her daddy probably hears her sometimes too, but says he doesn't).

Well, the first time I realized she was about to be sick in the middle of the night, I picked her up and ran to the bathroom with her.  You know me, wanting to keep things as clean as possible.  I had to get her to something besides carpet. 

What's funny is that the last time she got sick, she ran down her steps off the bed and scratched on the bathroom door to get in!  No kidding, she knows where she's supposed to go to be sick and make for easy clean up!  That's my girl!

After I cleaned up while ago, I later went to my room and realized she had apparently run back there to 'get sick' and couldn't get in the bathroom because the door was closed.  How smart is that?  Most dogs would probably just go anywhere. 

I apologize for this post - ha! It's gotten way out of control!  I started out talking about the winter storm and wound up talking about a sick dog.  I'm clearly out of control - lol!

I'll be sure to post picks of the snow/ice!  Dillan's all excited about the photo ops!

Have a great weekend :)


Anonymous said...

I have a clothsline for the same thing. Mark is 6'6" and large and it hard to find clothes for his big tall butt and I don't need them to shrink any faster than necessary. And I just had to comment on the rawhide bones and Lucy. My River loves those bones. He gets one every night--yes, it gets expensive but he is the only child left at home. Usually he just chews them in half; however, sometimes he eats them up....have ya every picked them up right after Lucy chews on them? GROSS. Anywhay when he eats them, he usually throws up too. He ways 100 lbs and it's difficult to get him to the bathroom. It's easier to get him outside. So when he sits beside my bed whining and if he runs to the door, I know he's gonna be sick. Sadly, even knowing this, I too still give them to him because he loves them so much. Stay warm and have a wonderful weekend. Dianne Owens

mountain mama said...

i know...totally. my hubs has work clothes, sleep clothes, non work clothes, work socks, regular socks...i mean really!!

praying the southern storm will pass quickly and not any damage.

God bless~

Michele Katherine said...

Hi Lynn,

I hope the storms not too bad. I'm a big fan of storms because it's so rare that we get a stormy weather in Southern CA. The thing I don't like about storms would be that it makes cleaning my dogs bathroom (the backyard) a lot more difficult :o)

Lucy is so cute!

God bless

Ashlee said...

That's a precious picture of Lucy! One of my teachers says she keeps 3 gallons of water per person per day x 4 days in her basement plus peanut butter and rice maybe -- as well as blankets and flashlights. i'm SO not prepared compared to her. i think there may be half a gallon of distilled water in the pantry -- just because we use for the oxygen humidifier!

Lynn said...

I wonder what it is about those bones that make them sick sometimes? And yes..they are totally gross when they've been chewing on them!

Y'all stay warm this weekend!

Lynn said...

I forogt about that formula for drinking water/person! Glad you brought it up.

Maybe the weather won't get too bad. Keep that pretty girl of yours bundled up :)

Lynn said...

Michele Katherine,
Do you go by both names? I've been trying to comment on some of your posts on your blog, but I don't see a place to.

Is your blog just set up that way or did I do something wrong? Just didn't want you to think I haven't seen your comments before. I love hearing from you....and I love your poetry :)