Re-organizing and Re-prioritizing!

The beginning of a new year prompts many of us to take care of some things around the house that we've put off.  We are motivated to get things organized and to de-clutter.  It also brings with it the New Year's Resolutions to get our priorities back in order and to set goals we would like to accomplish.

I am no exception.  I planned to go through closets and other areas where things accumulate and tidy up around the house during the holiday break.  And I've been busy doing just that the last few weeks.  I'll try to post pics of my completed projects when all is done.  But you just have to see this basket ottoman I found at Michael's recently.  I was needing a place to keep my files, but didn't want a typical filing cabinet.  Take a look at this:

Isn't it cute?!  And it was ON SALE!  Regular $50.00 and I got it for $25.00!

I bought it the day I got the results of my 2nd mammogram.  I felt like celebrating the good results...and who drives all the way to Albany to the doctor and then turns around and leaves town without doing a little shopping? Especially when you live in a 2 red-light town!  Ha!

I also used the down-time during the holidays to re-evaluate my life and my goals and dreams.  I thought about my relationship with God and what I wanted from that relationship. I'm re-energized and feel so refreshed! I had a 4 week break from my classes at Liberty too, so I feel like I'm ready to 'take on the world' again...I think?

the rest of this post later........

Ok. It's later. Like 30 minutes later.  I was able to get a few more picture, so I thought I'd go ahead and post them.  Here's a few of my washroom makeover:

All nice and tidy now :) I still need to hide those ugly brooms/mops!
It's a major improvement...believe me! I didn't take "before" pics...I forgot to...really!
But I wish I had some so you could see the difference
These baskets are not just pretty to look at...they are storage
for Lucy's clothes, grooming tools, and her meds
This is my favorite thing about the room. I used to reach up on the shelf to get my laundry detergent....not anymore! This makes it so easy...everything at your fingertips.  If you look close, you can see some sprinkles of detergent on the washing machine.  Sorry! But I've been a busy girl :)
I've had this cute little picture for years
Lucy's bed (one of her beds). She stays in the washroom when we're not home.  We just put a baby gate up and she's very content in this little space.  I do want to add a small shelf with her picture and a wood  letter "L" on the wall that her bed is on....just to make it more personal for the little princess of our house:)

I found this old planter (I think that's what it is) at a flea market a long time ago.  I brought it into the kitchen recently and decided it would be perfect to hold some of my cook books and such.

This is my vanity.  It belonged to my great Aunt Nannie.  I'm one of those girls who likes to sit and drink coffee while I get ready.  I also decided in my efforts to get 'Re-prioritized', I needed to make sure I did a morning devotion to start my day.  It's so easy to forget when you're rushing around getting ready for work.  I now keep it here so I won't forget about it.

Two favorite devotional books.
The one in the back is Journey put out by Lifeway. It's such an easy read and full of encouragement

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mountain mama said...

love the pictures!

the jar on the dryer are great! makes me want to do laundry {almost!} :)

i love to oraganize...if only it would stay that way!

have a great weekend lynn~
p.s. i've been to that michael's before!