Learn to Laugh at Yourself!

I recently caught myself looking like this:

Well, the truth is.....I find myself looking like this alot when I'm just hanging out around the house on cold mornings.  I can't help it!  My feet are ALWAYS freezing!  These green fuzzy socks are my absolute favorites in the winter :)

I'm constantly taking my house coat off & on! Yes, young ladies....that's what you have to look forward to after 40!!!

You can't see it well in this picture, but I also have a blue (Patriot Blue, I might add) headband on.  Needless to say, it does NOT match this purple gown or the green socks.  But I always grab it to pull my hair back from my face when putting my makeup on.  There's nothing worse than trying to put on mascara with your hair hanging in your face!  Lucky for you, I already had my makeup on when this was taken.....I'd hate to scare you to death with a before shot - ha!

But you  know what?  We really need to learn to laugh at ourselves.  I'm a little surprised that I even put this picture on here because I am very vain :(  So vain that I probably would not have put a picture on here of me without makeup....I know....it's sad :(  I shouldn't be that way.  I'm over 40.  I know who I am and consider myself to be a pretty secure person.  I have a loving husband and I'm not trying to impress anyone, although, I'm sure he would much prefer to see me looking a little different - ha ha!

I've had this post in the works for a few days.  My online devotion this morning reminded me of so I thought I'd get it finished: 

Someone once said that "laughter is the shock absorber that eases the blows of life."  How long has it been since you've had a really good laugh?  God created you to experience great joy.  You were made to laugh.  You weren't designed to be saddled with unending days of worry, stress, and dreariness.  Laughter gives your heart a lift, and frees you to recognize and appreciate the incredible things God has done for you.

Shake off the weight of your daily burdens and ask God to give you a really big laugh.  Even if you are laughing at yourself! 

Then our mouth was filled with laughter and our tongue with joyful shouting; Then they said among the nations, "The Lord has done great things for them." Psalm 126:2


mountain mama said...

you look fabulous! :)

happy birthday friend!

Michele Katherine said...

I LOVE THIS, You look so cute !!!

Sometimes I'm in my robe, slippers, all day long. I live in California, but I'm always cold in the evening so I wear a ski hat, or a beanine I think it's called. My husband says I look like a burglar :o)

I love the green socks!! I say if your warm and cozy, that's what counts. I'm also in my 40's and amazingly enough I worry less about what I look like than I did when I was younger. It's so good to be able to laugh at ourselves, it's such a stress reliever and I find that I can spend more time thinking about the Lord, other than myself. So this getting older thing, is a good thing :o)

Love the Picture.
God bless you,

Shaana said...