Here's a Few Holiday Hilights

Several of my family members went to the Christmas tournament our basketball teams played in.
Both the girls and boys teams won! 
My nephew, Noah, was thrilled to meet THE Nick Marshall and have his picture made with him. 
Don't let the look on his face fool you...he was just nervous - lol!
My niece playing the recorder for us
She will be doing a duet with her Uncle Scott at church soon!
He'll accompany her with the guitar

Me and my 3 sisters with our Memama & Pepapa Futch

and again....a little more casual - ha!

Memama & Pepapa with the 9 great-grandchildren from our bunch
I think this was the first time we were all there with them on Christmas Eve in years!

Natalie playing Scott's mandolin
She asked for a 'toothpick' to play it - ha ha!

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