Delurking Day

I hear yesterday was National Delurking Day.  What does this mean?  Well, if you just normally read blogs and don't 'follow' or comment, that would be YOU! 

So.... if you've never left me a comment, or if you read my blog but don't acknowledge being a "follower", I'd love to hear from you.

You don't have to be a blogger to do this and it's not a complicated process.  I get alot of 'hits' on my blogs, but most of you are silent readers.  And I want to know who you are!

If you want to leave a comment, just click on the comment button.  Ignore the fancy log-in options and just type in your name (you can use just your first name if you'd like) and your email address.  No one will see your email, but you can leave a fake one if you'd like - ha!  But your email gives me a way to communicate with you in case you don't refer back to a particular blog post to see my comments to you.

To 'follow' my blog, you can even do that anonymously.  Just click on the 'Follow' button and follow(get it?)through.  It's that easy!

Well, I hope to hear from you! Don't be a creeper, let me know who you are.  And while we're at it, leave me a comment to this post to let me know why you like to read this blog or my ministry blog :)

P.S. If I totally messed up the insructions, just use your common sense ;)


Ashlee said...

Lurkers come out! We bloggers just love comments!

Melissa said...

Don't want you to think I'm a creep so I am just letting you know, I was here. My first time. I'm Canadian. British Columbia. I have a blog. Thanks.