Answered Prayer

Update on my mammogram............ The doctor's office called me this past Monday and told me they saw some calcification in the right breast (this is the one that I had the pain in).  They wanted to do another mammogram this morning to get another look.

I actually did good the last few days and really didn't think much about it.  Of course, while I'm sitting there in the hospital gown waiting on the results today, I did manage to let my mind run away with me for a little bit. 

But the radiologist said that he sees nothing that would involve surgery and it just looks like calcification.  They will do another mammogram in six months.

Thank you Lord Jesus!  I feel so blessed.  There are so many people I know that have cancer and it's so heart-breaking to see what they are going through.  This is a scary world we live in, you know it?

But the Lord really gave me peace about all of this since that doctor appointment last week.  I knew deep inside that it would be ok regardless.  But please join me in prayer, remembering those who are struggling with the pain of cancer.  Also pray for their families, that they would have the strength to care for their loved one, both physically and emotionally.


Ashlee said...

So glad you had a good report. What a blessing!

Tina said...

I'm slowly playing catch up on my blog reading, so I'm just seeing this. I'm so glad everything looks ok! Praise God!

Lynn said...

Thanks, y'all! I'm very blessed :)