The Peace of the Christmas Season

Well, Christmas came and went just as fast as I knew it would.  I'm always a little sad when it's over.  I guess it's a combination of a few things:

I love the decorating and all the glitter and shine that it adds to our daily lives.

I love the get-togethers with family, church, and friends. 

I love that it seems like the only time of the year that MOST people are generally in a good mood and are kind to one another.  Face it, there are alot of grinches out there!

And I love how Christmas is such a reminder to us to celebrate our Lord and Savior and all He has done for us as the result of Him being willing to come to earth as a human baby, live among us, and die for us so that we can have eternal life.  Salvation is so easy! I don't understand why some won't take Him up on His offer. 

Being a Christian is not easy and does not guarantee us a life without problems and trials.  But it does give us a hope and a peace that passes all understanding :)

Speaking of peace....I've had a very long couple of weeks dealing with a health issue that had me concerned.  I didn't want to say anything about it to my mother because she is the 'Queen of Worrying'!  And after all, it was Christmas and I didn't want anything to spoil it.  So nobody knew except my husband, of course, and originally just one of my sisters.  I told another sister after Christmas...it doesn't hurt to have extra prayers going up.  But I really didn't worry too much about it myself....until I had to yesterday on the way to the doctor for my mammogram.

Now that I've said the word, mammogram, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about....I was concerned about an area on one of my breasts that started hurting me all out of the blue a couple of weeks ago.  I already had an appointment for my annual physical and a mammogram...now that I'm about to be 41, that will be an annual thing!

I guess I was a little emotional yesterday anyway because my baby sister and her family were planning on leaving that evening to go back to NC.  Her boys had spent a couple of nights with us and we had to take them back to my mom's before going to the dr.  We were about to leave and I think I made reference to where we were going and she gave me that look...you know, the kind of look to let you know, "I know you are ready to get this over with, but I've also been praying for you and it will be ok".  My mom wasn't around at the time and only knew I had a regular dr. appointment scheduled.  But tears just started pouring from my eyes and I had to walk outside.  I didn't even hug the others goodbye which about drove me crazy later.  I was worried they would leave before we got back and I wouldn't have even given them my goodbye hugs.

Well, the visit went pretty good.  I've always had great health overall.  They did the mammogram first and then I saw my dr.  He told me it would be a day or two before he got the results, but he didn't feel anything.  He thinks it's just fiber cystic? changes within my breast.  Why do I get the feeling that has something to do with getting older?  They also gave me this little kit to bring home for colon cancer screening.   You know what that means don't you? LOL!  Have mercy.....turning 40 brings about so many changes!

Anyway, I feel so much better about it now.  I'll feel even more better when they call with the results of the mammogram. 

My husband was off work yesterday too, so he went with me to the doctor.  I know he was as nervous as I was and anxiously looked at me when I came out to the waiting room.  When I told him on the way out what the dr. had said, he was like, "Let's go to the mall!"  and that's just what we did.  He bought me a new pair of boots, we grabbed a bite to eat, and still made it back in time to tell Shaana and her family goodbye before they left.  I went ahead and told my mama about the visit and she was like, "Yeah, I've had that happen to me before too".  I guess I should've told her up front....that would have made me feel better too knowing she had been there before.

I'm so thankful that God loves me and that he cares about the things that concern me.  He's blessed me with a great husband and a great family that have always supported me in everything. 

I'm looking forward to a new year and new opportunities to serve Him.

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