Mary Did You Know?

Our church had our Christmas program last night.  My sister, Suzanne, myself and my husband lead the praise & worship at our church, so we were asked to sing a couple of songs.  We chose "New Star Shining" which is new to us and I just love!  And we also chose probably my most favorite Christmas song in the world - "Mary Did You Know".  I love, love, love that song!  Of course, I also like all the other traditional Christmas songs we sing in church and even the secular music but there's just something about "Mary Did You Know". 

Maybe it's because I have a son.  I remember what it was like to hold him in my arms for the first time.  I knew the first time that I laid my eyes on him that I'd give my life to protect him. 

I can't help but to think that Mary had these same thoughts.  What an awesome and scary job she had as the mother of that sweet baby Jesus!  And at what point did she come to realize that her son would have to die on a cross to save her from her sins?  Did God protect her emotions for many years and not let her realize the reality of it until she had to? 

But imagine also what she felt when she realized that Jesus had risen from the grave!  All the pain she had felt in her heart was alleviated by the sheer thrill of knowing that her son was really alive...that He himself would NEVER die again. 

But you know what.....I bet she missed him desperately even after He had ascended into heaven....just counting down the days until she would see him again. 

There's nothing like a mother's love :)

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