A Home For the Holidays

Welcome to my 'Home for the Holidays'! I'm participating in the Christmas tour of homes on http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/. I think it'll be alot of fun to see all the great decorating ideas people use for the holidays. I'm not an interior designer...by NO means...I just love making my house a home - especially around the holidays. (I sure do need to get some greenery in those planters....sorry!) Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go inside...it's freezing out here!

You're in the foyer...looking into the living room

My Christmas tree

Don't you just love the atmosphere all those lights add to the room at night?
(that's Lucy's bed on the left in case you can't tell)

The tree with the lights on

Let's take a closer look at a few of my favorite ornaments. I don't have one of those trees with a single theme or type of decoration. I love the variety of ornaments I've collected over the years. I have several '1st Christmas' ornaments for Dillan and lots of things he's made me over the years. They're so special to me :) I had taken a couple of pictures of some of them to put here, but I accidentally deleted them....and even though I can put pics on my blog, I still have the HARDEST time moving them around on here so I gave up :(
I have several of these that belonged to my great-grandmother. Some are bells and some are bird houses. They came on a garland, but we cut them all off and divided them up to use them as Christmas ornaments. That way, everybody got to have some :)

I LOVE gingerbread men! You'll see that in the kitchen

And of course, an ornament for my Wilcox County High Patriots. We won our first State Championship in football in 2009 and made several of these to remember that year.

This log mantel is my favorite thing about our home. My husband made it himself. I think it's beautiful and just what we needed...I was kinda going for a lodge type feel in the living room. Speaking of lodge....hunting?....look at this beauty on the wall!
And this is MY deer! I killed this 10 pt buck one morning when I was hunting with my daddy. I actually killed two bucks that morning, but this was the one to mount.
I love my nativity! It's made my Roman, Inc. I love the fact that the figures look like they're made from pine...which really looks good in my home. Baby Jesus is laying inside a tiny little log piece....so cute :)

Just a look at my dining room table...overlook the guitar case in the background. When you're married to a musician, musical instruments turn up everywhere!

I found this old mirror at a flea market in the mountains. It has a tiny shelf still attached (was supposed to be two) and it's perfect for the dining room wall.
I have probably 60 or so Nutcrackers and you'll see a few here in the dining room. I decided not to use all of them this year, but they're scattered here and there around the house.
Speaking of Nutcrackers, if you live around Macon, Ga. you've got to see the Nutcracker Ballet...it's AWESOME! We saw it a few years ago. Any little girl would love it!

Just a little something on the china cabinet

Here's my pie safe in the breakfast room. I've been collecting gingerbread men for years. I have alot of them in the kitchen every year at Christmas.

Eating area in the breakfast room

more gingerbread men above the kitchen sink

Hall bath...and the one our boys use. They won't let me do much in there, but I had to add something - Ha!

a little tree in the Master bath

Here's my 'soaking' place - ha! And of course, I had to have a little Christmas here too...you see the Christmas tree candle holders in the window?
Maybe next year, I'll be able to show the bedrooms and more on the outside. They're still a work-in-progress :)
Well, that's a little peak into our Home for the Holidays! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Remember that Jesus is the Reason for the Season!!!


Shaana said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it "in person"

Tina said...

I came over from Kelly's Korner and just wanted to say "Hi!" I love to come across those in ministry and had to venture over to your ministry blog. Blessings to you!
I'm a missionary in Spain and loved seeing the GAs making their aprons. We get so much love from GAs! They are the best! =)

Lisa said...

Everything looks so nice! I love that you add a wreath to your very own deer! I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas!!!!