Dirty Dog Salon

You know how you worry when you have to get a new baby sitter? Well, I worried when I had to find a new groomer for our Lucy girl. Y'all know everything we've gone through with her eye surgeries and all....well, I worry so much about her when she has to go to the groomer. We had found someone we were comfortable with, but when Scott's job relocated him, we knew we'd have to find another groomer. We just happened to be on Facebook one day and noticed a new place in Hawkinsville, Ga....a nearby town. We also realized we knew two of the ladies that worked there....so...I was sold! She went for her second appointment yesterday and did well - she looks good too...and smells sooooo good! :)
So I thought I'd give a 'thumbs-up' to the Dirty Dog Salon and show you all some of their work. (I hope they don't mind...and I stole some of their pics off their Facebook page - except Lucy's)

This is our Lucy girl! You always see her on my blog :)
She's a chocolate & white Shih-tzu that we bought in Tennessee.

Looks at this beautiful dog! I just love the bow...we always have trouble keeping bows in Lucy's hair. I guess she's a 'tomboy' - Ha!

Look at this cute face! Reminds me of Lucy a little :)

Can you say A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E ?

Too cute for words!
I need to get Lucy one with Wilcox Patriots on it!
So if you live in the area, give them a call - they're on Facebook too!
Email: dirtydogsalon@yahoo.com

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jude bartlett said...

Hey, I am no longer grooming at the Dirty Dog Salon. If you want me to continue to groom Lucy for you, I would be glad to. You can contact me on FB, Judith Altizer Bartlett. Since I had a company phone, I turned it in so until I get a new phone, this will be the best way to contact me. Thank you. I do not know who they are going to get to replace me, there are not many trained groomers in this area.