Choosing what to do...

I did it! I survived my first year of school....all while working full time and being "wife & mom". I just finished my final and New Testament project for my Biblical Lit. class and I feel a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Now I can start enjoying the Christmas holiday to the fullest :)

I'm out of class for a few weeks which is great! But I'm also off work for 2 WHOLE WEEKS!!! I've been daydreaming of this break for a long while. I've imagined what it will be like to sleep a little later, sip my morning 4 cups of coffee a little longer, and read WHAT I WANT TO READ....no school books! Don't get me wrong, I love what I'm studying, but I have so many other interests....and let's not talk about writing. I've got so many articles I want to write and publishers to send them too. There just never seems to be enough hours in the day. I'm pretty good at prioritizing and organizing but it still seems like I'm always hurrying. I'm ready to slow down and enjoy each day....and I can't think of a better time to start than Christmas :)

The problem is....I've already made a few mental notes of some things I want/need to accomplish while I'm on this much needed break. There are 2 closets in the house that DESPERATELY need to be reorganized....along with the pantry. I've been in a "nesting" mode lately too and there's some tidying up and redecorating I want to do. There are files to organize and cooking to do. I'm hosting a family function this weekend and our ladies group at church next week...all stuff I want to do. I've got family coming to visit that I don't get to see often (my sister, Shaana and her bunch) so I will want to see them as much as possible while they're here for a week. Then there's the groomer appointment for Lucy, the dreaded gynecologist visit and mammogram! And a little more shopping still to do!

All the more reason to make myself a "to do" list for the break. I like making lists anyway. And I love checking things off my lists! I know, I'm weird...I just like to see that I've accomplished something ;) And if I don't make lists to make sure I've got everything covered, this is what I look like...........

Yeah...that's right. I just can't function in disorder.
Y'all have a great weekend and try to relax a little and enjoy some down town too :)

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