Tori's Big Day

This is our niece, Tori Langford...and this is her big day!
She's 1 year old!!! Happy Birthday, sweet girl :)

I think Tori is a future blogger too...already liking a camera!

Tori's parents are Chance & Kandice Langford (he's Scott's brother). They held the big party at their house last Saturday. Lots of family and friends were in attendance.

She didn't care for the icing on her hands :)

I love the look on her face in this one!

Sittin' pretty

She LOVES her daddy...and looks like him too

"I'm gettin' this walking thing...I'll soon be off!"

My two favorite guys :)

The kids had fun letting the helium balloons go outside

"There it is...I see it!"

"Dog...I wish I had another one"

"I'm not lettin' mine go!"

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