Signs of Fall

When you enter our subdivision, you will see signs on each side of the drive. Each sign bares a Bible verse. Now how often do you see that? This particular verse is so appropriate for it's purpose: "For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God" (Hebrews 3:4)

Well, we've been seeing a little fall color appearing over the last few weeks, but it's really coming out now! I love the colors of fall! Here's a little peak into my dining room. I love to decorate for all seasons and I have pumpkins and such spread throughout the main living area.

Some of the leaves in our yard

I love this color! It makes me think of pumpkins :)

This is a view from our culdesac down the drive into the subdivision

This little tree is close to our mailbox. Every fall it puts out these "persimmon seeds" as Scott calls them. I have no clue what they really are, maybe he's right. It's so funny....Lucy seems to know they're out there every fall and runs out to try to get some for a snack. She never ventures out of the yard much except for these :)

Because we live in the middle of the woods (aka the "forest" according to Dillan) we have all kinds of trees in the area, so we have alot of nuts too. I'm sure the deer love it in the middle of winter when they're looking for a little something different to eat. We have alot of pines but a good many hardwoods too...my favorite! We picked out our lot based on the area with the most hardwoods for that simple fact.

Front door wreath

That's Heidi running by....my oldest cat and a great hunter. I've never had a mouse :)

I took this at my in-laws' house the other night. Beautiful fall sunset!

A very familiar sight in South Ga in the fall :)

South Georgia snow

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