Show Us Your Life: Bathrooms

Ok. There's a blog I've been following for a while now http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/. She does alot of fun stuff including "Show Us Your Life" on Fridays. Every Friday lately, she has been showing us a room of her house and invites bloggers to share what their homes look like as well. You know how much girls love decorating and getting ideas from one another! They've already gone through the whole house, I think, and just did bathrooms last week. I'm late starting, but I'll probably go back and show my other rooms as well. That's the great thing about blogging...you can always add comments, etc. ANYTIME and participate in discussions and fun stuff :)

So here are my bathrooms!
These are not the greatest pics in the world (I'll swipe Dillan's fancy camera next time!) But this is my favorite thing about the masterbath.... I LOVE soaking in a tub of hot water after long day at work! I also like the big window and the light that it lets in.

A look at the vanity. Thank goodness for two sinks, right?!
This is the hall bath and the one our boys use. I love the blue & chocolate brown together. I searched for a shower curtain for a while until I found this one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond. I even took it to Home Depot and they matched the blue paint perfectly for me!

OK. This next pic has NOTHING to do with bathrooms, but I noticed it on the way back through the house with the camera. I bought this cute little blanket at the Dollar Tree for Lucy's bed. She has more than one bed and I always keep little baby blankets in her beds, especially when it gets cold. I saw this blanket the other day and just had to have it! I thought the little monkey sewn on to it was too cute! Lucy actually has a toy monkey that she plays with, so I thought she'd like this too....and she did :)

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brooke lynn said...

beautiful bathrooms!!!

where did you get the layout for the wood on this blog? i love it!

hope ya'll have been doing well! :)