My week with the Talleys

(article published in the Cordele Dispatch 11/11/10)
I’ve heard people say before that God doesn’t speak to them. When I hear that, I have to wonder if that person is paying attention because God is still in the “speaking” business. Sure, we may not audibly hear Him say, “This is God. I have something to tell you”, but if we’re expecting to hear him, He will definitely communicate with us. He does this in a variety of ways. He speaks through His written Word, through other individuals or a sermon we may hear. He also speaks through music, and that is how He chose to speak to me recently.

On my commute to work each morning, I use that time to talk to God and praise him while listening to Christian music. This past week, God decided I needed to hear His message through a particular gospel group, The Talleys…..so much so that I had to listen to them for a whole week! I’m not kidding! My cd was stuck in the player and there was no getting it out no matter how hard I tried. Sure, I listened to the radio some too, but I tend to pick out particular cds to listen to each morning. I just like being able to decide what I’m hearing as opposed to sitting there hoping one of my favorites songs will play.

I joked around the other day that God was making me listen to this group over and over, but I realized the validity of my comment just this morning after my prayer time. The Talleys sing a song entitled, “The Healer”, and just like the woman that reached out to touch Jesus for her healing, I’ve been in need of a touch from Him also. Not for a physical healing as much as for a healing of my mind and spirit. It seems for a long time now, I’ve been dealing with some situations that have caused me to feel helpless and forgotten by God, just as this woman probably felt for so long. Her friends told her to accept things as they were. They said that with the multitude of people wanting something from Jesus, he would never see her. Satan has also been telling me to accept some things beyond my control. He has lied to me repeatedly about situations and told me that I don’t matter and that my situation is hopeless. But as I prayed this morning and was mindful of this music, I felt a sense of joy and of hope. Jesus has not passed me by and He has not forgotten me. If I will only continue to reach out to touch Him, He will provide the healing I’m in need of. He knows what’s best for each of us and we must trust Him to act in His perfect timing. Speaking of perfect timing, right after this revelation, I asked God to make the cd come out of the player for me….and He did!!! Maybe I can move on to another lesson now.

So let me encourage you today, that no matter what miracle you’re hoping for, whether physical, emotional, or if you’re in need of God to move in a particular situation, hold fast to your faith! Don’t listen to Satan’s lies. You’re close to a miracle for Jesus is passing your way!

Thanks so much for taking the time to send us this article. Wow! God is so faithful. I am amazed each time I hear a story that comes from one , of our songs. God takes the lyrics and uses them differently in each individual's life. We could never make that happen, but he does all things well. I appreciate your time and thoughtfulness. This has encouraged me and I will share it with Roger, Lauren and Jim.

God Bless you, Debra

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Michele Katherine said...

Hi Lynn,
I want to wish you and your family a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving day.

God bless you,
Michele Katherine