Long Awaited Visit

It's been a year and a half since we last visited Shaana, Chuck, and the kids in Wake Forest, NC. That's way too long! It's just so hard to find the time to get away...not to mention the fact that it's about a 9 hour trip! Whew!! But.....it's definitely worth it! Look at the welcome sign on the front door that they made....made us feel extra special :)

This is their new home. The last time we visited, they were still living in the apartments for seminary students. It's in a subdivision just down from where they moved from....and they were able to rent it for a little less than where they were. Isn't God good?!

A view from their drive

Our EXHAUSTED driver!
God bless him for driving the whole trip....so the rest of us could nap :)

Enjoying a cup of coffee after arriving

Dillan and Natalie playing a computer game

We went out to eat that night at a neat little place in downtown Wake Forest.
Their pizza was AWESOME!

The menu

That's root beer....I promise!

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