Last Home Game of 2010 Season

Glad I got a few pictures of the first play-off game against Dooly Co. We went on the road the next two weeks, only to suffer a heart-breaking loss to Weslyan in the 3rd round :( These pics are the last time our 2010 team played on their home field.....and the last time we got to see Nick Marshall do his thing at WCHS. He will be greatly missed as will all the senior players. It's been really sad around Wilcox County this weekend. We're a small town community that loves our high school football! I just hate to see the season end! It's kinda like the song, "The Boys of Fall". When I hear the words to that song, I think about the Patriots and PATRIOT NATION. I can't hardly wait until next season! And we'll have an extra great time cheering for our Georgia Bulldogs next year too 'cause Nick and Lonnie Outlaw from 2009 team will be there to help those DAWGS out with some Patriot POWER!

Pre-game warm-up

Gettin' FIRED UP!

Captains for the game

The Seniors leading the way! (#14 Nick Marshall)

Let's Go Blue!

Kick off

Play action

The outcome! Love it!!!

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Michele Katherine said...

Hi Lynn,
Your pictures of you & your husband are so sweet. You make a beautiful couple. Your Kids are adorable, and since I'm a dog lover, I have to say how cute Lucy is. I have a golden retriever.

God bless you,
Michele Katherine