Everything's A OK

This is my favorite picture of our Lucy girl! We actually used this for our Christmas cards a couple of years ago...that's how much I love it. It's bad when you put your dog on the Christmas card and not your children - lol! Anyway, it's old news about the accident she had earlier this year, resulting in the loss of one of her eyes. But she's doing really good. We actually don't even really notice the difference when we look at her.

Scott had to take her to the vet yesterday for a checkup. We found out at the specialist in Atlanta that she does not produce enough tears to keep her eyes moistened enough. That had a big part in her eye injury not healing. Anyway, we have to put drops in her eye everyday for the rest of her life. The drops are very expensive, but it's so worth it! She had a great checkup yesterday and the tear-test they did continued to show good results. We're very pleased with the care she receives and are so grateful that they are able to help us keep her healthy. She may be a little too healthy....she's a tad overweight....too many treats, I guess :)

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brooke lynn said...

oh man, sleeping until 10:30 sounds awesome!

too cute, your little bed headed pooch!