Spending Time With God's Gals

Last night, I had the privilege of sharing some time with the GA's at Byromville Baptist Church. I brought along two of the God's Gals dolls: Queen Esther and Martha. After I shared these Bible stories with the girls, they worked on personalizing their very own aprons (in honor of Martha) ....and as you can see, they did a GREAT job!

The story of "Mary & Martha" teaches us that no matter how much we have to do, we MUST always make time to spend with Jesus. In this story, Martha was so busy making preparations for her guests, that she forgot what was really important...the guests...and especially Jesus! While it's good to take care of our homes and do our best to be a good host, it's better to make sure we spend time with the Lord. Martha's sister, Mary, had done this on this occasion, and I just imagine Martha learned this lesson as well. I encouraged the girls to remember this lesson each time they wear their "Martha" aprons :)

Here's one of the aprons they made. I just love what she wrote on here!

I wish I could remember all of their names, but looks at this beautiful girl! She was very proud of her apron and did such a great job on it!

Group photo of me with the gals

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