Catching Up

Have you ever just not felt like blogging? Checking your email? Well, I've been in one of those moods for a while now. I've never blogged every day, or even every week, but here lately, I just can't seem to motivate myself to do much. I know why, though. The past couple of months have been very hard on me...physically, emotionally, even spiritually. I was thinking about it today and tried to remember when it all started...or better yet, perhaps WHAT started it!
I'm not sure I know, but one thing is for sure...I'm going through a time of testing! I was beginning to think I'd failed, but now I seem to see some light at the end of the dark tunnel. I'm beginning to feel hope in my circumstances once again. You know, as Christians, we all know we're going to go through trials and tribulation. So why does it always seem to catch me off guard? O how soon we forget what it's like to feel separated from God. Because, let's face it....we do feel like He's a million miles away from us during such intense times of trial! We know His word tells us that He's always there and will never forsake us, but this wicked world we live in can almost make us believe otherwise sometimes.
I've been thinking about Paul alot lately and reading alot of his writings. I've always admired his boldness and yet I'm reminded of his trials and sufferings in it all. But he kept "pressing on" toward the mark, to win the race that was set before him.
I've also been thinking alot about David and reading alot in Psalms. On one particular day, I emailed my sister and her husband needing them to pray for me that particular moment. I was feeling betrayed by someone I thought to be a friend and I also was feeling alone, isolated, and very misunderstood. They almost instantly responded to my pleas for scripture and gave me reminders from God's Word that David also pleaded for God to protect him and help him. David also asked God to "search his heart and know him"...meaning he wanted the Lord to expose anything in him that was not pure. He wanted to know who he really was and to see himself through God's eyes. I've been doing alot of soul searching lately as well.
Well, hopefully soon, I will be doing normal posts again. I certainly love sharing my world with others and reading about your lives too :) For now, here's a little bit about what we've been up to around here:
I just had to have a pic of this! Lucy went and got her new toy and whined for Scott to put her in the chair with him. In just minutes, she was snoring away. Pictures of her make me :)

This was actually taken of her last year around Halloween after she got home from the groomer. It's so cute...and since it's October, I thought I'd post it.

What else?
*Well, we've managed to go to EVERY single Patriot football game this year! Last week's game was awesome!!! We beat the #1 ranked team in Single A...and I mean whooped 'em...32-12!

*Dillan entered some of his photographs in the contest at the Georgia National Fair again this year. We went up there last Sunday afternoon to see how he did. We were very disappointed! He only won 1 Honorable Mention! He won a couple last year, along with a 3rd place, but his pics this year were way better. I don't mean to be critical, but the 1st place photo for the colored division was of an egg...just laying there in grass and dirt!? I don't get it. And there were alot of winners in 'industrial' type photos. Who wants pics of skyscrapers? We live in South GA! Anyway, we'll try it again next year. If you'd like to see what he can really do, take a look at his website: www.wix.com/moorecreativeimages/ddm

Well, I can't think of a single other bit of interesting info. to tell you about now. Maybe soon!

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