Still Alive 'n Kickin'

I decided I better go ahead and do a post early this morning....while I have the energy and frame of mind to formulate a complete thought. This has been the LONGEST few weeks of my entire life! I am feeling much better and thanks to those of you who have checked on me...it means so much to know people care for you.....especially when you feel you're down in a deep, dark valley.

I've been sick before...tired and stressed before...and even experienced depression before, but it seems like the enemy has thrown all of that at me lately. When we're not feeling well physically, he uses that to his advantage to try to wound us spiritually and take advantage of any situation possible. He's been real busy with me lately!

But I'm so thankful that I know the King of Kings! He reminds me of His Word and who I am....who I belong to. He also uses times like this to point out my weaknesses in order to teach me lessons I may not learn any other way. Lord knows, I've ALWAYS had to learn the hard way!

Back to my physical ailments......my lab work and CT scan were normal. My neurologist was able to give me meds to eventually eliminate the headaches I was having, in addition to my usual migraines. I don't have an explanation for some other things going on, but all of that seems better as well. I'm still physically tired, but I'm keeping my head above water and have been back at work since last week.

On the spiritual side.....I've been dealing with feelings of discouragement in certain situations and Satan has tried to use those situations to make me feel not appreciated and not good enough. I know better than to listen to him, but sometimes I let those little whispers from him affect my attitude and outlook. Well, you know what? I've had just enough of him and his lies! I learned a long time ago how to deal with him. But I have to admit, being physically ill has given him the advantage these past few weeks. But no more! I'm determined to have the victory in all of this. That's why it means so much to me when someone tells me they're praying for me. Sometimes we're so tired and weary that it's hard for us to even pray for ourselves. It seems like we can't find the words or even concentrate. But those prayers going up for us are getting through and will help us regain our strength.

Have you ever felt the power of prayer? I have and it's such an awesome feeling. About the time all of this started with me, I had just read the book, "This Present Darkness" by Frank Peretti. If you've never read it, I highly recommend it. Though it's fiction, it describes spiritual warfare the way I've always pictured it. It literally made me think about the spiritual world around us and the warfare that goes on all the time between angels and demons. Sometimes I wish I could actually see some of that, but then again, there are some things that would probably terrify me. I'm sure there's a very good reason God doesn't allow us to see alot of things. But I sure would like to see an angel! That might even terrify me, but can you imagine?!

On another note........... there's ALOT going on this week! It's Homecoming week at school, so there's the usual daily activities for the students like: Tacky Day, Celebrity Look-Alike Day (etc.), the parade, and of course the game this Friday night along with crowning a new Homecoming Queen! I graduated in 1988, but it's still so much fun to go to the games! I love high school football where they love the game and can't play for money!

My son's a Junior this year, so he's also been busy with his classmates preparing for the Homecoming Dance this Saturday night. He's trying to finish up the backdrop he's been painting and he's also doing the pictures that night. Scott and I are chaperons that night.....that ought to be interesting - Ha!

He did photos for a wedding last weekend, so I was gone with him for several hours last Saturday. I'm his right-hand man - lol! Seriously....... I believe in being a "hands-on" parent and I do all I can to help him with projects - even when I'm tired and busy with my own stuff. Scott took him to our local bank Monday and signed for him to open his own checking account. Gosh, I can't believe he's old enough for all that! But I didn't want him waiting until leaving for college to learn how to manage money effectively.

Well, this post has gotten off track.....went from being sick to checking accounts - Ha! I guess that's what happens when you haven't blogged in a few weeks. Oh well! I'll try to post some pics of Homecoming week sometime soon. Hope you all have a great week!

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