Loving Life

I'm feeling very content and satisfied with life right now. It pleases me when I'm reminded that it's always been the simple things in life that bring me so much pleasure.... a good cup of coffee enjoyed very s-l-o-w-l-y; family get-togethers; Friday night football (Go Patriots!); snuggling up with Lucy on the couch; hearing God speak to me very clearly; enjoying a good book ...and on and on.

I took my final exam today for my Intro to Christian Counseling class. I love how it feels to complete a class with a good grade and the excitement I feel for starting a new one next week. Sure, it gets pretty busy trying to work full time (in and away from home) and go to school too...along with all of my other responsibilities and passions. But I know going back to school is God's will for me. I love knowing that I'm studying something I have a passion for and want to do full time!

While sitting here typing this, I heard Lucy whining in the living room. Scott was in his recliner trying to take a nap and she wanted up there with him :) She's such a sweet little dog....and VERY vocal! I've never heard a dog make the sounds she makes! I would almost swear she's half Ewok or something. The picture I posted is the latest picture taken of her. She's doing so well now after such a horrible ordeal with her eyes. It's hard to believe she went through all that 'cause she's back to her normal little self - and more spoiled than ever!

Well, I better get ready to head to my in-laws. We're going there for supper tonight. Hope you all are having a great weekend. Take care!

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