God Winks and the Cherokee

Have you ever experienced a God Wink? I have...and most recently! Let me tell you a little about it...

While my family was in Oklahoma on the mission trip, I kept feeling God tell me that we should minister to Native Americans. I'd never had this thought before, but I've always loved these people and their heritage.

I had told my son once during that week in OK that I felt God steering us in that direction, but was not clear how or where. The Lord confirmed to me that Thursday evening in worship that we were to go to Cherokee, NC to the reservation there to begin our work.

On our last day in Oklahoma, we decided to travel to the Cherokee Heritage Center I wrote about earlier. During the ride there, I shared with my husband for the first time what God had told me. He didn't say alot...just listened and took it all in. My last words were: "I just don't know how to get started there. We don't know anybody there to tell us where to go or how to get permission to even go on the reservation to minister". (Remember these words!)

Within MINUTES of getting this out of my mouth, we saw a Cherokee- run restaurant and stopped for brunch (we had not yet eaten breakfast and were starving!) We walked in the restaurant and I immediately went over to the gift store to look for a souvenir. I noticed Scott talking with a man in a bright colored shirt - he was with a group of people all dressed alike.

This is where God winks....long story short...this man Scott randomly walked up to and struck up a conversation, was the founder of a mission organization that ministers to many Native Americans! As a matter of fact, as soon as Scott shared with him my vision, he informed him that he knew the Chief on the reservation in Cherokee, NC!!! He had even started a church there in recent years and could also tell us EXACTLY where the poorest people in that area are and the needs. He will put us in contact with others there to also help us start our ministry to the people in this area!

Literally within minutes of my statement, God supplied the answer....in the middle of nowhere, in a state FAR away from home! Now, how's that for a God Wink ;)

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mountain mama said...

i LOVE it when that happens!!! awesome!!!!!!!
can't wait to hear what comes next...