If you know me, you know I love me some HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL! Wilcox Patriot football to be exact. I do love to watch some college and pro ball, but nothing takes the place of those local high school teams, battling it out on the fields every Friday night. I love the fall weather, smell of fresh mowed grass, popcorn, and the sound of helmets bashing.....good stuff!
I, along with all 3 of my sisters, were Varsity cheerleaders...AND captains of the squad our Senior Year! So many fond memories of high school :)
Last year, our school won our 1st ever State Championship for football! We had come close so many times, even played in the championship game 2 years prior to this. But we finally did it!
My sisters and I started a tradition of dressing up each year when the playoffs start. The first year we dressed up, it was actually on Halloween...so that made it even more fun to be "Freaky Patriot Fans". Last year, we decided to imitate the rock group, KISS.
Here are the results....
Left to right: my friend Cathy, me, my sister Suzanne
(one sister moved out of state, the other is the cheer coach...so they couldn't dress up. So our friend, Cathy, came to the rescue. We laughed so hard that night!)

Cathy couldn't travel with us to all the games, so I took over her face design

Me & Suzanne in the Georgia Dome!
Photographers went crazy over us!


mountain mama said...

oh my gosh. oh my gosh. what crazy fun. don't think i'd be brave enough to do that! :)

Lynn said...

It's a hoot, alright! You ought to see what we've got planned for this year's playoffs!