Tahlequah, Oklahoma: Cherokee Heritage Center


Missionaries that began working with the Cherokee Tribe in Georgia before their removal went to Oklahoma to Indian Territory to continue their work. These 3 columns are all that's left of the original Cherokee Female Seminary that opened in 1851. There was also a male seminary located several miles away.

A picture of the original seminary. Education played an important role in the lives of the Cherokee and at one point during the mid-19th Century, the Cherokee population was more literate than the non-Indian population.

Explaining how baskets were made by Cherokee women

Making his own arrows for hunting - even today

Ceremonial Grounds

The women wore these on their legs during ceremonial dances

The beginning of a canoe

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Abramyan Avenue said...

These are absolutely amazing photographs. My sister owns some land in So. Texas and once when we were down by the creek she found this small rock with a heart carved into it. We've found lots of arrow heads. It's really neat. Anyway, I love your post...amazing!!!