Some of the Finer Things in Life

I thought it would be fun to participate in an activity with other bloggers. I follow a blog http://www.kellyskornerblog.com/ and every Friday she has "Show Us Your Life" with a different topic for each week. This week it is all about china patterns. You know how girls are...we LOVE our dishes! So much has changed since I was a young bride. Nowadays in my area, all the girls go to Flint Pottery in a nearby town to pick out dishes and other gifts. But back in my day, we would go to our local hardware store. Now for those of you who are not from my little 2 red light town of Rochelle, Ga., you're probably thinking that is sooo "redneck". Well, our hardware store is not a typical old store. They don't carry china now, but back then they had a special section in front of the store with all of the china displayed. There are large glass windows on the front of the store, so it was very visible. I think I was probably one of the last girls to go there to pick out my dishes. Such fond memories of simpler times!

I was just wondering what some of you did years ago in your area. And what about the bridal showers? We used to open our gifts. Now they're opened for the bride-to-be. I think that takes away part of the fun.

Mikasa "Florisse Black"

This is what my china looks like. I love it so much! I've never tired of it.

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