Making a House a Home

In the art of homemaking, we women do so much more than cook, clean, and wash. We DECORATE! And I love to decorate my home. I'm not so bad about moving big furniture items around, but I'm constantly moving the "little things". It might be something that my husband wouldn't even notice, but I most definitely do! When shopping for my home, I find almost as much pleasure in buying a small purchase as I do something major. To me, those little things are what makes a house a home. Like today, for instance, I went shopping with my mom and my aunt. My mission was to buy items I needed to make more dolls for my God's Gals collection. I found just what I needed, but I also found something I'd been on the lookout for for over a year - a new kitchen canister set. My kitchen is decorated in roosters/chickens so it's perfect!
When we moved in our home a couple of years ago, I'd bought some that were glass jars with pewter rooster handles on top. Unfortunately, my husband managed to break not one, but two, of the tops! Until today, I'd not seen anything I liked as well to replace them. BUT...today at Kirkland's there they were! I was so excited because they were also 50% off! I love a good sale. I also found a beautiful black & white plate with the initial "L" on it at Hobby Lobby. That was a must have also. I won't bore you with a pic of that too - ha!

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