Update on Lucy

Where do I begin? Alot has happened in the last week. I wish I could say that Lucy was doing great now, but that's not so. A few days after getting her home from the vet in Atlanta, she had to be put on Xanax for major anxiety. I never knew an animal could be that way. The Xanax seemed to help alot and up until a couple of days ago, she seemed to improve.

Tuesday morning, Scott realized her right eye looked a little different and she was acting like she was hurting again. After she stayed with the vet all day yesterday, it was decided to do a "last resort" surgery (involving her 3rd eyelid - didn't know they had 3!) to cover the eye that showed signs of rupture. The plan was for me to carry her to the vet this morning for the surgery and continue on with her meds.

We awoke in the middle of the night to her literally screaming in pain, like that of a baby crying out. Her eye looked as if it was rupturing so we met the vet at 4:00 am and they kept her. We were told that the eye would probably have to be taken out. I'm waiting to hear from them now.

It would be easier to deal with that if her other eye was normal, but we don't know if it will hold up either. She's been blind since the second eye surgery last week and is not coping well. I hope and pray the other eye will heal and she will get her vision back in that eye. Her little world is very dark right now. I don't want it to remain that way - for her or us. I can't imagine her not being able to watch birds out the window or run after a toy we've thrown for her.

Praying for her complete healing and happy personality to come back.

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