As a writer, it's usually not hard for me to express myself and how I feel. But last night, as I sat there at the Gaither Homecoming concert and listened to David Phelps sing, I realized that there are no words to describe what you feel when he opens his mouth. Don't get me wrong, there was so much talent in that room and I enjoyed them all very much. There were MANY moments and songs when you could feel the Lord's Presence in that room in such an intense way. But when David Phelps sang a solo or a solo part with the group, it was like being taken into a spiritual realm. I can only imagine that Heaven feels something like that. It was just like I imagine I will feel standing right before God looking Him in the face. I've listened to the Gaithers and many other Southern gospel groups for years, but this was my first Gaither concert. Bill sure knows what he's doing and how to pick the major talent!

Just think, when we get to heaven, we'll get to hear that all the time - and be a part of it! Thank you Lord Jesus for being there last night in such a real way. I needed the encouragement and motivation that I received.

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