My New Favorite Thing

My new GE Gourmet Coffee Maker!
I go through coffee makers like most people go through---well, I just use my coffee pots alot! I don't buy el cheapos, but not "top of the line" either. I just can't see spending $100 on a Bunn when it's just a plain jane coffee maker - no bells and whistles.
There's not much worse than going to make some coffee and realizing that your coffee maker died some time since that morning. I keep a small one on hand for such emergencies, but I was so ready to go shop for a new one last night. It took a while, but we finally decided on this one. It's a GE, so hopefully I'll get some good use out of it. I'm most excited about the Gourmet coffee function it has! My own gourmet coffee at home! Yay me!!
I love to buy gourmet coffees to keep at home (the nearest Starbucks is miles away). I live in a two redlight town and we don't have a local coffee shop, so I make the most of my coffee time at home. I brewed a delicious cup for me this morning...I mean 4 cups [yum]. It's much stronger than what I usually have at home, but I think I'm gonna like it :)
Can't wait to have family/friends over to try it on them!

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