Finding a New Normal

Well, Lucy did have her right eye removed late last week...there was no way around it. While I was very upset that this had to be done, I have to admit that it's been alot easier to care for her...it seems to have taken away all the pain she was continuing to have. The left eye is still critical and we're doing all we can to save it. I really hate the thought of her being blind (and she basically is right now), but I hate even more the thought of having to remove that eye as well.

She just seems so sad right now. She can't run around the house and go where she wants (if ever again). She doesn't try to move around too much now since she's realized she needs help getting from room to room. What's even harder is that she doesn't know how to tell us she needs to go outside to potty. We just have to ask her and take her out on a regular basis. Surprisingly, she hasn't had any accidents. I'm hoping that as she comes off all of these meds and is more alert, that she will be more anxious to communicate and play again.

She's done well sleeping in the crate at night - sleeps all night long. That's surprising to me because before all of this happened, she INSISTED on sleeping in our bed with us. I wonder if she wonders why she can't get up there now? She does seem a little distant with us. I'm hoping it's just the meds. It's just too dangerous for her to be on our bed while we're asleep and can't look out for her. She could fall off since she's so disoriented....and worse, she could rub her eye and mess it up more. You know how dogs like to waller around when they're comfortable? Well, our bed is the place she likes to do that. So for now, we keep her on hard floors - she doesn't even have a blanket in the crate...I know, sad :( I've always done whatever to make her the most comfortable where she was. But it's for the best right now. She needs to heal completely.

She has another checkup tomorrow. I hope to hear there's been some improvement with her eye healing.

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