Books & A Bird

Well, I'm in my 2nd semester of classes with Liberty University Online. I started my second Philosophy class on Monday...and I can tell it's going to be much harder than the first one! There's just so much reading to do - and it's the kind of reading that you really have to concentrate on to comprehend and retain. I "holed" myself up in my room Monday night to get some studying done while I had an evening at home. I'm also trying to take advantage of my lunch hour at work. There's really not a quiet place around work to go during lunch, so I've been going to the public library. Just being in a library seems to put me in a study mood :) But what I don't understand is why the people in the library are so noisy! Gone are the days of librarians looking over the brim of their glasses, shushing people with their fingers over their mouth.

The noise doesn't seem to bother them at all...or maybe they're resigned to the fact that they can't make all those people surfing the net, talking on their cell phones, and listening to music through their headphones be quiet. They'd probably be wasting their breath. Well, anyway...I didn't mean to rant.

I saw the funniest thing this morning in the garage. We have a bad habit (or should I say, my HUSBAND has a bad habit) of leaving the garage door up at night. I noticed when I went out to the car this morning that a little humming bird was trying frantically to fly through the closed window of the garage. Poor little thing! He must've flown in and got turned around...forgetting how to leave. He flew into the window over and over again. UNTIL..... I quickly thought to get a broom and help guide him away from the window. It didn't work at easily as I thought. As a matter of fact, the little bird just stopped flying and sat very still on the top of the window. I was afraid I might poke him in the eye with one of the bristles if I got too close. Finally, I managed to get the broom up under his feet and he sat on the broom as I turned it towards the outside. I wish I had thought to take a picture. I do love hummingbirds. They amaze me because though they are so tiny, yet they fly so fast. My mother-in-law actually feeds them at her house. It's nothing to sit on her back porch and have several of them flying around you fussing at one another. She gave me a beautiful feeder for Christmas, so I think it's time I get it out now that I know we have some in the area. I'll try to get a picture of him later....I'm sure there aren't many around where I live so I should see him again (or her!).

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