Let Jesus Help You Do Your Laundry

(published in Cordele Dispatch 4/22/10)

If you’re like me, you sometimes wonder if you will ever see the bottom of the clothes hamper. On most days, it seems like I spend more time washing clothes than anything else – and I still never get through.
One morning recently, I realized that I had forgotten to wash my husband’s work clothes – or at least the particular ones he wanted washed. Needless to say, he was not a “happy camper” that morning. His bad mood, of course, affected me. My bad mood affected my son, the dog, and the cats. You know that old saying, “When mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”?
As hard as I try to be the perfect house wife, I fall short all the time. Well, in my defense, I must say that it’s easy to get behind on the laundry when you work full time outside of the home, attend college part time, and are involved in multiple other activities. But that’s enough of my excuses. The Lord used this incident to remind me of something I already knew, but needed to think about.
It’s so easy to toss our dirty clothes to the side, planning to get to them at a more convenient time. I thought about how piles of dirty laundry sometimes remind me of the unconfessed sin in my life. We can get so busy living our daily lives that not only do we forget to take care of some of our chores, but we forget to spend time with God. Only when we take the time to talk with God and listen to Him do we really feel convicted and feel the need to repent of our many sins. As Christians, we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us to guide us each day. If we don’t listen to Him, we will surely fall into sin. All of this unconfessed sin can pile up like dirty laundry and overwhelm us – and that, my friend, will make for a very bad day! But God doesn’t intend for that to happen. Although we are born into sin and will always fall short, He has a cleaning process that is sure to get those tough sin stains out from our day to day living. We just need to do our washing on a daily basis. Here’s what we need to get clean:
For those hard to remove sin stains, we need our stain remover. Stain remover is a strong solvent, and our strong solvent is God, Himself. Only when we accept him as our Lord and Savior are we given the gift of redemption and are able to be forgiven of our sins and washed clean.
God’s Word (Holy Bible) is our detergent. Detergent reduces the surface tension, allowing water to penetrate and completely wet the fabric so that it can be thoroughly cleaned. When we study Scriptures, we learn about God and what his will is for our lives. This detergent penetrates us to the marrow, calling us to live our lives according to the will of Christ. Without it, we won’t have clear direction for our lives and know how to avoid the pitfalls of temptation.
Well, it’s all good to be clean, but we want our clothes to feel soft and smell good too, don’t we? We need fabric softener for that and the Holy Spirit does an excellent job. When we listen to the Spirit, we will be kinder and gentler and reflect the love of Christ. He will also speak to us and gives us advance warning when we’re tempted to fall into sin. Listening to the Holy Spirit will help us to avoid many of those stains.
Last, but not least, we need water to aid in the washing process. Nothing can come completely clean without it. Jesus Christ offers us everlasting water from a well that will never run dry. All we have to do is meet him there to get our daily fill.
I think I’ll make a trip to the store and stock up on these items. I’m anxious to get to the bottom of the laundry pile today!

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