I Miss You, Daddy

Today makes three years ago that my daddy died from Pancreatic Cancer. This is in remembrance of him:

The day had finally come
We had known it was near
How do you say, “Goodbye”
To a loved one so dear?

From the day the bad news came
It was four months and a day
The time passed too quickly
For we wanted you to stay

But I will never forget the peace
I felt as I held your hand
I tried to envision what you saw
As you entered the Promised Land

As your hand left mine
Did it reach out for another?
Who was there to greet you
As your family held one another?

We couldn’t go with you
But we loved enough to let go
There’d be no choice to make
Even if you could do so

In that very instant
There was no more pain
No sin, no more struggle
Only freedom to gain

We miss you so much
But we know you’re ok
You’re watching us from above
And excited about the day

When we will join you up there
In a place that God’s prepared
You’ll fill us in on the future
And we’ll talk about all we’ve shared

Until that day arrives
We’ll keep pressing on
Meet us at those Pearly Gates
To show us our Heavenly Home

by Lynn Langford

1 comment:

MEL said...

I just want you to know that I am thinking of you and I know from many many times that I spent with you at your house just how much you loved your dad and just how much he loved you.

Keep looking up and keep focusing on Jesus' face. Read 1Peter 4:12-19...and know that those who suffer most...He loves much!

Love you,