Happy 1st Birthday Baby Logan!

I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes as I've been looking at the latest pictures of Logan on Hollie's facebook. I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! Logan may not be my son, but he has definitely captured my heart. Words cannot express how much that little boy means to this family. I absolutely cannot look at him without thinking about the grace of God and how much he loves answering our prayers. No, some of our prayers are not answered the way we want, but God always hears them, always cares about how we feel, and always wants the best for us.

There were many, many sleepless nights spent by Logan's parents, and other family members as well, as we awaited his birth. I know this girl was on her knees in prayer...begging God to heal this baby before he was even born. God performed so many miracles on this child in the womb that I cannot even number them all. He was born with Spinabifida, but the outcome was not at all what was expected. Don't you just know that God gets a "kick" out of proving to doctors that he is still in control? He is the Master Physician. He had this planned all along. He watched to see how we would all respond to the news, the terrible news at first. Very early on in the pregnancy, doctors gave NO hope. But the power of prayer changed the circumstances - again and again...from one doctor visit to another....and our hope was restored.

Logan is a constant reminder to ANYONE who looks at him that God has a specific will for each and every life. Sometimes His will involves trials and even some disabilities, but there is a huge blessing beyond what we perceive as a problem. This side of heaven, our family may not know the answers to our questions about why Logan had to be born with this disability, but we do know that God has worked something in our own hearts as we've watched this child continue to grow and amaze us. He makes our hearts sing and causes people to smile that do not even know him. Logan has touched the lives of countless individuals who have prayed for him and seen God work in his little life.

Thank you God for this precious boy! Thank you for this first year of his life and for him bringing us closer to You.

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