16 and Ready to Roll!

Just as all 16 year olds look forward to getting their driver's license, Dillan was no exception. I called the DDS to schedule the test as soon as possible after his birthday. Because of the holiday weekend, the soonest he could do it was this past Tuesday. We thought he was ready, but were still very nervous about it. Well, I was probably the most nervous because I, myself, had failed mine the first time! Yes....it was humiliating! What's worse is that I knew better than to run the redlight, but I was concentrating on doing EXACTLY what the examiner said...and she said, I quote, "Turn left at the RED light". Well, I wanted to obey...and nothing was coming...soooo...I turned left at the RED light. Right when I did it, I knew I had blown it! The examiner was an older lady, kinda gruff sounding and she instantly said, "You failed".

But I had confidence that Dillan wouldn't fail. We had prayed and prayed about it. It didn't hurt that Scott and I took him to the DDS office the day before (they were closed) and let him practice parallel parking, etc. I definitely would've failed mine if I had had to parallel park. I don't even do that now. I just ride around until I find somewhere convenient to park (grin).

Luckily the lady that tested Dillan had a much warmer personality. He did say later that she seemed more gruff in the car. I told him they probably have to be more business-like at that time. It's a big deal giving a 16 year old permission to just take off in a vehicle...by themselves.

Scott and I waited inside and watched out the window to see how he did on the backing and parallel parking. He just whipped that car right into place! That's no small feat considering the practice he had the day before was the first time he actually parallel parked! And he drove my car - which is a Dodge Magnum. Do you know how long they are? And the back window is so very small!

So that is just one more milestone we've reached with Dillan. Did I tell y'all that a few weeks ago he came home with the order form for his class ring? I can't believe it's time for all of that. It's exciting, but it's a little sad too to realize how fast they grow up. When they start walking, they don't slow down. Enjoy your children at every age...there's always something to look forward to :)

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