Ronda Rich (Dixie Diva Columnist)

Me & Ronda Rich

I was very fortunate to attend a fundraiser for Covenant Care Services (Adoption/Foster Agency out of Macon, Ga) last night at Harvest Church in Warner Robins. I group of ladies from church went and we had a ball!

We stopped for Mexican food at La Cabana on the way - I love me a combo #3! The event was called "Ladies Night Out" and after Ronda spoke, we had a dessert reception. I'm telling you....you could smell the chocolate in the air! It was pure heaven! This church had a huge foyer and they had set up round tables with exquisite decorations. They had everything from chocolate pound cake to chocolate covered strawberries (a chocolate fountain),some type of pudding... There were so many desserts, I couldn't even count them! There were even sugar free items available. Of course, I always go for the "real" thing!

We took our time eating and then I headed to Ronda's book table. She was so kind and gracious and allowed me to have a picture taken with her. I also bought a copy of her book, "What Southern Women Know About Faith" and got her to sign it!

She is a huge inspiration to me! I'm a regular columnist for my local area newspaper as well - only most of my articles are on the Religion page. But I love reading about Southern hospitality and the ways of the South. I am so glad that God put me in the great state of Georgia. I don't mind having a Southern accent at all. I actually get a kick out of others sometimes when they hear me talk. For example: when I talk to someone on the phone, maybe from Direct Tv or some business like that, they have to ask me to repeat things sometimes because they don't understand me. They even think my name is Leigh Anne, but alas...it's Lynn! When my graduating class went on a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico the crew on the ship just smiled when they heard us talking. "You're from Georgia, aren't you", they'd ask. They were all from other countries, but they understood English.

But back to last night....Ronda does a fabulous job of making you laugh one minute and then cry the next. She has a way of telling a story that keeps you hanging on her every word. I was so glad I got to meet her. Though she'll not remember me, I'll remember especially what she said about not giving up on your dreams. When you leave things in God's hands and you act out of obedience to something he's told you to do, He will bless you for that obedience.

So here's to Ronda Rich....and us ladies from the South!

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Lyndy said...

From another Lynn who is VERY southern...I am pleased to meet you. Ha.

I love Ronda Rich too. Happy Birthday to you sweet boy.