Praise to God for His Blessings On Us

What a blessed Sabbath Day yesterday! I love getting up early on Sundays and sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee with my morning devotion. It seems during the week that that special time always feels rushed and more routine. Of course I have many Sundays that it seems like the devil is running rampant in my house - someone oversleeps, no outfit seems right, or we just don't really feel like going anywhere. But I've come to learn how important it is to get our hearts ready to go to church and worship with our brothers and sisters in Christ - to truly open our hearts and worship our Lord and Savior.

On rare occasions, as yesterday morning, my husband will get up a little earlier as well and we enjoy that time together. Yesterday we came across a Gaither Homecoming program and decided to watch it for a little while. What a blessing it was! They were doing a special on the new piano player for the Homecoming gatherings. I can't even remember his name right off, but he's the man that's blind. He actually has a brother that was born blind as well. But neither of them let their handicap be an excuse to not follow their dreams. He sang the song "I Can't Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand". He gave a whole new significance to the meaning of the song! I looked over and saw tears streaming down my husband's cheeks. You know how men are -they don't want people to see them cry, so I didn't say anything.

My man can be very emotional at times - and I'm glad of that. He has a very tender heart. I have the joy of singing praise and worship with him each Sunday at our church. The music seemed especially good yesterday morning. Our selections were "How Great is Our God" and "Awesome in This Place". Right before we sang, we looked out and saw precious little Logan in his mother's arms. Well, he was almost not in his mother's arms! For those of you who may not know, he's the little miracle baby born to my cousin, Hollie, almost a year ago. For a child who they said would not be born alive, and if he was they said he'd have no quality of life, he was sure trying to get away from his mother! He's been crawling for a while now and trying to get into everything - lol! Scott mentioned the "little miracle" back in the back of the church and I promise you it seems to transform the spirit in the room. The hearts of the entire congregation are always so warmed when we see Logan at church. He loves music too. When we start singing, we get his full attention. As we sang and his grandaddy held him, he kept lifting his right hand up in the air, as if raising it to praise God for all the blessings he's given him. Well, I don't have to tell you that the tears started flowing then. What a sweet time of fellowship and praising God. All blessings do come from Him and Him alone.

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