Small Town Pride

(published in the Cordele Dispatch)

As I sit here just a few days after witnessing history in the Georgia Dome, I’m still reliving each moment of the 2009 Class A State Championship game between my much loved Wilcox County Patriots and the Savannah Christian Raiders.
The 2009 football season began with high expectations, for true fans knew in their hearts that this particular team would be extra special. Even when the Patriots suffered two heart-breaking losses in mid season, many thought the players would learn from their mistakes and play harder than ever. And that is exactly what they did!
At times it was hard to endure comments from those on the outside who didn’t know the hearts of our team and coaches. But there is one thing I know now: those who chose to watch the GHSA State Championship games were able to witness just how special our boys in blue are!
In small town communities such as in Wilcox, we don’t have the luxury of choosing from a variety of restaurants for Sunday lunch. We don’t have many of the extra curricular activities and organizations that are offered in bigger cities either, but I would say for the most part, we don’t feel we’re missing out on anything.
If you live in Wilcox County, you probably choose to live there. We value our family connections and our friendships. We enjoy the fact that we know who our children’s teachers are and most of them probably teach our children in Sunday School.
Our parades and festivals may not be as large as in other areas, but we celebrate more than many who attend other such events.
We love our farmers and we don’t mind meeting a John Deere on the highway (most days!).
We appreciate the simple things in life and enjoy the beautiful outdoors that our Heavenly Father made. We never tire of seeing a deer feeding in a field or sunflowers lifting their faces toward the heavens.
We’re proud of our southern accents and aren’t ashamed to say “aint” every now and then.
We love to watch our children succeed whether it’s winning a football game or reciting all of the books of the Bible at Vacation Bible School.
We’re proud of our small town values. We’re proud of where we come from. And yes, we are indeed proud to have our first State Championship Title for football!
Well done, Patriots! You have made history and you have given us one more reason to celebrate!

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