Star for a Day!

Now that I've got a minute, I just have to update you on an experience of a lifetime for me! I was asked to be in a commercial to showcase Southern Spine Center (the medical facility where my doctor works) and Dr. Mac Sims, the best spine surgeon in the world! Love that man!

Over the course of a couple of days, we did the commercial shoot and photo sessions for print ads. What fun! For those of you who knew me as an early teen, you know I wanted to be a model. Well, I realized with age that was entirely impossible - don't have what it takes!

I guess this was the closest thing I'll ever know of what it's like to be a movie star! It was just like I imagined with the film crew, director, and everything - except the director didn't hold a megaphone or sit in a chair - LOL! They were all very nice and encouraging. They worked tirelessly in the heat (part of it was filmed outside). They were very dedicated and I could see that they had a passion for what they do. I have a new respect for actors, though. We did ALOT of retakes on different scenes, just trying to get it perfect. I can't imagine shooting a whole movie!! I wish I had been able to have someone go with me to document everything for me and take some pics :( There was NO WAY I would've been able to - they really kept me busy. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Anyway, it was sad to come back to reality today - back at my regular job. I'm grateful for my job, and it's not that I dislike the things I do at work. But all I can think about now is how nice it would be to make a living doing the thing I have a passion for - writing and working in ministry/missions. Unfortunately, there aren't many opportunities around here to gain experience or to find that kind of work. But I'm determined to keep pressing on - keep writing and blogging, submitting articles for publication, and working to finish my books.

You ever heard the expression, "Bloom where you're planted"? I'm trying to think about that and do my best to represent Christ where I am in this season of my life.

What about you? Are you living out your dreams? Do you enjoy what you do for a living? Let me here from ya! :)

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