Prayer Needs

Update: Praise the Lord! The shunt is working like it should. Logan doesn't see that doctor for 3 more months and just for a checkup.

They were also able to see the doctor about his bladder and kidney while there. He has kidney reflux, but there is no bacterial infection as a result of this. That is another miracle in itself. They will have to continue to cath him for now and he will go back in a few weeks for treatment options.

They put a splint on his right foot which has been turning in, but feel it will correct itself and he will walk normally.

Please continue to pray for him and that he would outgrow the kidney reflux or have an easy treatment option. Thank you for your prayers.

It's been a while since I've given an update on Logan, so I thought I'd let you know what's happening. He is still doing well, but there is some concern that there is a problem with the shunt in his head. There has been a slight visual difference off and on for a couple of weeks. He is in Atlanta today seeing the doctor about this.
Please pray that God would intervene if there is a problem and that the shunt would continue to work well and prevent fluid buildup in his head.
His parents originally thought he would also have tests done on his bladder and kidney while in Atlanta this week, but there was a mix up about the appointment. I believe they said he would go back in August for that. We were all disappointed about this since we were hoping they would be able to stop cathing him. Apparently God wants him to have a few more weeks of that - and He always knows what's best so we have to trust him and be patient.
Logan continues to have a reflux problem as well that we are praying about and there is talk of possibly putting a cast on one of his feet that is turning in.
Please join us in prayer concerning these needs and we'll trust our Heavenly Father to continue to heal and bless this precious child.

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