So much to say!

Long time, no post........... I don't even know where to start! So much has gone on the last couple of months, but I'm ready to slow down a bit and enjoy the start to this summer season. Can you believe that half of the year is almost gone? I'm not ready to do Christmas shopping just yet!

God has been moving so much in my life and that of my family lately. My husband, a sister, and I have started doing the "praise & worship" at our church. We're so excited about the opportunity. Scott and I had talked about wanting to do something like that for a while, but it wasn't until we spent a great weekend with my baby sister and her family at Seminary that God gave us a big push to go ahead. Man, what I'd give to see them more often to have more of those heart-to-heart, Spirit filled, late night talks!

I agreed to be Team Capt. for our church's Relay for Life team this year. That event was held last weekend. Alot of work and preparation goes into that, along with all of the fundraising. We had a good night with all my fears finally subsiding: no rain, enough food, generous donations.

Dillan's out of school for the summer now. I'm glad for him. It's probably his last summer of lazy days 'cause next year he'll have a license and be able to get a J-O-B somewhere - hopefully! There's not much for 15 year olds to do around here. He's been busy drawing and reading books. From the time he was a little boy, he's always loved to read. I know when I take him by the library, I better not be in a hurry! It seems like he has to walk up and down every isle and touch every book. I think it's precious though. I love books too! Everything about them - the smell of the pages, the smoothness of the cover...... yeah I know I'm weird!

Logan continues to do very well. Please continue to pray for him. Pray for his mommy too because she goes back to work next week. She's very fortunate that her mother and my mom will be his babysitters.

I've just been given the opportunity to do some freelance writing for our local paper. I'll be writing articles/stories about people in my community. I'm really excited about it! It'll sharpen my writing skills, cause me to practice my writing more, and give me some much needed credits for my writer's resume. Be praying for me!

Mine and Scott's 8 year wedding anniversary is next week. I can't believe it's already been eight years, but I must say that they're happy years. There was a time when I didn't think I'd be able to visualize myself growing old with anyone. I'm so thankful that God put us together.

Sorry for all the rambling......... hope you all are doing well and that God's showing you mighty and marvelous things!


Nancy said...

Wow, I could have been reading about myself! My husband and I are very active in our church - he's in the praise band, I teach several adult SS classes and every other month he and I do the service for a nursing home here and every month we do the youth worship service. I'm also on church council, do the church's pr and on 3 kitchen teams. (And just agreed to be on a district committee interviewing people who want to become deacons and local pastors.

We chaired the American Cancer Society's Beach Ball last year - worked on it for 10 months!

AND I wrote (freelance) for our local paper about people in the community too! Until they laid off all freelancers in March.

I still have a column once a month in another paper and 3 blogs and wrote a cookbook - still plugging away. I've also done some editing.

Best of luck to you!


Lynn said...

Wow! So much in common, but you make me really tired reading everything you do! Where do you find the time?