Seeing God in the Little Things

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the idea that God's only in the big events that take place around us; such as miraculous healing, averted natural disasters, and souls being saved. Those things are all great, but the truth is...... God's in the little things everyday as well! He's everywhere all the time if you will look for him.

He's in the card you received in the mail when you had told no one that you were slipping into a depression. He's in the words to a song on the radio that made you cry. He's in the words you hear from your child when he tells you goodnight. He's in the smell of fresh rain and the beauty of a sunny day. He's in the warmth of your spouse's hug and the smile on your friend's face. He's in the laughter of a baby and the happy greeting of your furry pals.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the message. I was just thinking about how much God has blessed me and how happy He makes me - even on days when I don't think I have much to be happy about. He reminds me of what's important and that He always understands how I feel, even if no one else does. I love him so much!

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