Remembering Our Wedding Day

There's nothing like an anniversary to cause you to pause and reflect on your life. Today I am thinking about my sweet husband and the eight years we've been married. I'm thinking about how much he has changed my life and all of the happiness he's brought me.
While eight years may not seem like a long time to some, it's like a "20 Year Anniversary" to me! You see, it took me long enough to find Mr. Right. Although I made my share of mistakes in relationships, I was smart enough to know when I'd found the right man for me. God knew it all along; I just wasn't listening to Him!
Our wedding was so special to me. It was held at the home of a family member and a small number of family and friends were present. I felt just as special as a young bride walking down the isle for the first time, living a fairy tale, with a dream wedding.
It's every little girl's dream to have a fairy tale like wedding and to feel like a princess, but sometimes we can get so caught up in the details of the event that we forget to relish in the moment of the two souls being joined. We can get so caught up in the moment of all eyes being on us, worrying if we'll say the vows right - not really even thinking about WHAT we're saying.
That was not the case this wedding day. As we stood before the preacher, we had our little boys by our side. The song, "Because You Love Me" was played first. Before the vows, the preacher asked each of our boys if they would give their permission for us to be joined as a family. Thank goodness they both said yes! (We had definitely rehearsed that with them, but you never know what kids will say). Vows were repeated and tears were shed in the quiet of the moment that warm June day.
You see, not only were we so grateful to find each other, but our families had seen the hurt and heartbreak we'd both been through. Greater than finding happiness for yourself, is to watch those you love finding joy in life. Deep down, all any of us want is love. We were created for it and it is the greatest commandment from our Lord - to love others as ourselves, to love others as Christ does.
It's a challenge to love that way, but it's so easy when we're loved with such intensity. Sometimes I find myself wondering "why" Scott loves me so much. It's something I know without a doubt and sometimes it's hard to comprehend. Maybe because I don't always feel I deserve that kind of love. But then again, do any of us deserve the love our God has for us? One thing is for sure - we don't deserve it.
Regardless of what I think I "deserve", I've got a God that loves me unconditionally. He loves me so much that He brought Scott Langford into my life to show me what true love is. I can now actually visualize myself growing old with someone. I can see us sitting on the front porch in our rocking chairs, talking about our children and grandchildren. Talking about how much God has blessed us and trying to figure out ways to be a blessing to others.
We've got the front porch and the two rockers now. We've got the gray hair coming in too! And we've got the time now that our boys are both officially teenagers and aren't so dependent on us.
So......... Scott, if you're reading this today, we've got a date tonight. No, we won't be going out tonight. We'll have a homecooked meal on our fine china in the dining room. After dinner, we'll grab our cups of coffee and head out to the porch. Just you and me - and the sounds of the night! Better get the mosquito spray!
Happy Anniversary to my one true love! I love you.............always and forever!

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