Encouraging Women..............

For many years now, my heart has longed to minister to women of all ages. I never get tired of telling someone how much my life changed after Jesus became my best friend. However; I have allowed myself to get so busy living everyday life that I didn't leave this ministry as a priority on my LONG list of things to do.

I could blame Satan..... for He has done a great job of making me feel inadequate. Some attempts I have made in ministry have failed - but I can honestly say that God blessed my efforts!

I've taken some time off for a while to just try to grow closer to Christ and enjoy being in His Presence. It's definitely worked! I know alot of what I put on this blog is not necessarily related to ministry, but it's a part of who I am. I love to share the wonderful blessings God bestowes upon me and I love to just interact with people about daily life. We don't have to turn everything into a sermon or lesson to see God in it.

Having said that, I wanted to give you fellow bloggers a "head's up" about some things the Lord's speaking to me. For a while, I've been practicing my writing - determined to finally get published. I've also been praying the "Prayer of Jabez", and boy has he been opening doors!

In the last six months or so, the following things have happened: my family moved back to my hometown,(that may not sound like a big deal to some, but I had to pray about it for 2 years before my husband consented to the move!); I became a member of my childhood church where God has been at work in mighty ways for several years now; God gave me the mentoring/accountability group I longed for in the Hazel Chapman Group at FBC of Rochelle; I found ways to help raise money and awareness for the Pregnancy Care Center in our area; I witnessed God perform many miracles in the life of Baby Logan; my husband, sister, and I formed a Praise Team; I have started working with the Youth Group at church and plans are under way to provide opportunities for Bible study with the girls; my God's Gals dolls will be used to tell Bible stories to the girls in the community; my son accepted God's call to full time missions; my husband has become very active in our new home church (moving was a hard decision for him - changing churches was even harder); I started this blog and am able to use it and FaceBook to witness to others; and recently I have agreed to do freelance writing for our local paper, which will give me writing credits I need for my writer's resume. I could go on, but you get the idea. So see - God's been busy in my life!

Now I'm really ready to get busy for him! Please be in prayer for me as I seek His face daily. Pray specifically that I would know His will and that He would strengthen me in that walk.

God Bless You!

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