Thanks for your prayers!

Logan got to come home from the hospital late Saturday evening. He's doing so much better. The shunt seems to be working - please pray that it continues to work and that he doesn't develop an infection. He's wearing a monitor while he sleeps so they can continue to monitor his breathing.

He still has to be cathed every 4 hours, (has been since first surgery after birth) but we're hoping that won't be needed soon. He's been having alot of wet diapers for some time now(Praise the Lord for diaper changing!). But with only one kidney, they don't want to put extra stress on it right now with all of the procedures he's had to go through.

I can't say enough how much God has blessed this baby! I stand in awe at all of the miracles He has performed on this child - a child not expected to live, a child that would be paralyzed and never function as a normal baby would if he did live. The doctors weren't wrong with their diagnosis - there were several months of repeated sonograms and tests to confirm it. Our God, the Master Healer chose to answer our prayers and heal this baby boy in so many ways. All the credit goes to Him - thank you Dear Lord!

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