Update on Baby Logan

More encouraging news............

A week ago today, my cousin, her husband, and their parents made a trip to Atlanta to meet the doctor to perform Logan's surgery after birth. They stopped in Macon to pick up sonogram results and other tests that have been done to take with them to Atlanta. While there, her doctor decided to do another sonogram to keep her from making another trip up there the very next day.

I do not know the medical terminology, but this sonogram did not show a "break" in the spine. It now appears that the condition he has may not be nearly as severe as they thought. Now let me say this.......... This was not the result of a mistake on the doctor's part - this is God at work, healing this baby in whatever capacity!

They received more encouraging news in Atlanta when they met with the surgeon. He thinks that though Logan may have to wear braces, he will be able to walk and run around like any other healthy child. Praise God for such encouragement!!!

It's almost surreal to hear this after months of bad news. But we know that it's the Lord working and give him all the credit, praise and glory for it!

Surgery is set for this Thursday, April 9th. The "Stork Team" from Egleston will be at the hospital when he's delivered to carry him to Atlanta for sugery. Please be in prayer for this sweet family and this special baby. He's already been such a blessing to his family.

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