Baby Logan

Baby Logan arrived on Thursday, April 9th at 9:24 am. First of all, let me give God praise, because the doctors did not even know if this child would live - and if he did, he was not given a good prognosis at all. From the first day of bad news, my family began praying for this baby boy, asking that God would heal him of the Spinabifida and the complications that accompany it.

I've written other posts updating everyone about the miracles God performed in the womb, and since his birth. While Logan was not born without Spinabifida, he did well through surgery and is not paralyzed as a result of the delicate operation.

His heart and lungs are good, he's holding his own with his weight, and acts just like a healthy newborn. He only has one kidney, but they have reason to believe that it will function normally. Presently, the doctor is not convinced that he will have to have shunt surgery either. Only time will tell about his motor skills, but it's an excellent sign that he's moving his arms and legs with no problems.

I ask that you continue to remember Baby Logan in your prayers, along with his parents and grandparents. They have been at the hospital with him the whole time. Pray that Logan continues to do well and does not have to have additional surgeries. Pray that his parents and grandparents would have the energy to sustain them during these long days. This baby boy has already been a blessing to so many people and we continue to thank God for touching his little body and blessing him so much.

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