Showers of Blessing

As we enjoy a beautiful day our Creator has given us today, I'm reminded of the rain and storms we experienced in our area over the weekend. It still amazes me how we can have such extreme weather - tornado warnings one day, sunshine the next.

Although we much prefer light, scattered showers on a regular basis, many times we get hard rains that set in and stay past their welcome. Regardless of the manner in which we get them, the rain is so beneficial in our times of drought.

Today I've also been thinking about a previous post I wrote about my cousin's difficult pregnancy - her unborn child has been diagnosed with Spinabifida. I mentioned that during this storm, my family is grateful to have hope - hope in Christ to heal the baby or give the peace needed to deal with the situation.

The following verse and quote was mentioned in the post: "Abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost! Romans 15:13

"The drought of despair is quenched by the tiniest drop of hope".

Today we are not only thankful for the rain that was badly needed in our area, we are thankful for renewed hope for Baby Logan. Since December of last year, we have only been given more bad news each time she went for a doctor visit. But last week, we were given a drop of hope during this drought of uncertainty.

Doctors had already decided that she could not carry the baby full term, but are hoping for 32 weeks. She needs to carry him as long as possible for his best chance to survive the surgery. Surgery has been set for April 9th. On her visit a couple of weeks ago, they said he weighed only 3 pounds and that his heart tracings were not good at all. He was also not getting the nutrition he needed and there was not enough amniotic fluid. A few days later, her bp had shot up. Ordinarily, they would have kept her, but Logan had improved after much prayer those few days in between visits. His heart tracings were better and there was all of a sudden more amniotic fluid. Imagine that! The next few days, we all specifically prayed for more "brown fat" to help him gain much needed weight and for his heart tracings to improve. She went last Thursday and in less than a week, he had gained 1 pound, 4 oz. and his heart looked better than ever!! Praise be to God! He sure loves it when we pray specifically!

There have been several other things that have improved with him, or at least not gotten any worse. We don't take those blessings lightly! No matter how "little", they are "drops of hope" in this extended period of drought.

Please pray for Baby Logan and his parents. We appreciate it so much.

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